Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Totally Frivolous Post

This post is about nothing. Okay, well something but nothing important. My birthday is coming and DH wanted to know what I would like. He knows I don't like surprises...finally. That only took 15 years to get through his head! So I said I would like a new purse, maybe a Coach purse. I have always liked a good purse but haven't really had a great one since I had kids. Before that though...anyway, I started looking at Coach purses with the idea that if we were going to spend THAT much on a purse, it would have to be the perfect purse. Guess what? I can't find one I like well enough to warrant the $300 they cost. Yes Daddy, that does say three hundred dollars. Stop laughing. You're the man that bought Mom and I each a Dooney & Burke on the SAME day. In a way, it's your fault. Ha. Ha.

So now, I am on the lookout for a purse I like well enough to spend ANY money on it and I can't find anything but now that I've decided I need a new purse...well, I NEED a new purse.

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