Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Tressa. Here's a link to her blog:

Here are the rules: I have to say 7 random facts about me and then tag 7 people. Also, I have to include a link to the person that tagged me. Here goes:

1. I used to be 6 feet tall. Three kids later and I'm 5'10. And, I have a problem with that.
2. I used to smoke. I quit when I met Kevin (I was 20) because he refused to kiss me until I quit.
3. I am terrified of birds!
4. I don't like bridges and close my eyes if I am not the one driving.
5. I can read really fast and usually read a book everyday. For instance, I read the first two Twilight books in one day and still got my laundry and dishes done.
6. I used to scuba dive and learned to shoot a gun at three years old and can do neither now.
7. I don't like to make phone calls unless it is to someone I am really close to. I usually make Kevin do it, even to order food!

I tag: Stephanie, Robin, Vanessa, Elizabeth, Amanda and anyone reading this that has a blog!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to You, You live in a Zoo!!!!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl...a day late. I kept waiting for the perfect moment to sit down and blog about my baby girl turning four, but it never appeared. So, this may be short but it is sure to be sweet.

Baby girl, I am amazed by you! You are so smart, beautiful and best of all caring. I am so proud to be your mom. I hope you enjoyed your birthday. I know that as the middle child, you rarely get things your way. I'll try to work on saying "yes" more often. Although, if there was ever a person better suited to grabbing what you want in life, I would be surprised. You continue to grab life by the horns as you have from your very first moments. You contine to fill my heart. I love you! And, no matter how many sweet memories we make together, my very favorite will be your first smile, the first moment we saw each other. You are my Amazing Girl!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Halloween

Here are some shots of our Halloween. This year, both of our families came over to help celebrate...No one wanted to hand out candy. Now, I am not a big fan of Halloween but this was a great way to do it. My mom did most of the work at our house leaving me free to make a couple of special treats with the girls. Then we went trick-or-treating and the oddest thing was that in our normally busy neighborhood, there were hardly any trick-or-treaters and houses that are normally lit were dark. Our only thought was possibly the economy is affecting Halloween now? When we returned, we ate a quick dinner and then the Princess and Daddy bobbed for apples. DH did not really want to do this and I certainly refused, seeing the amount of slobber that made it into the water, but he is an AWESOME dad and did it to make her happy! Thanks everybody for a fun time!