Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Shack

I finished reading The Shack today. If you haven't read it yet, READ it! Then, let's talk about it...


OK, I hardly ever do these because usually, I can't figure it out. But, I think I can handle this one. Here is my sixth picture from my sixth file. I agree with Robin, if you are reading this, you are tagged!

This is the Princess, at 4, with my Grandpa. He acts as Santa for several organizations he is involved with. I guess being Santa is a family tradition! Isn't she cute? She has naturally curly hair and at four, that was ALL she had. That wasn't a haircut! The Monkey now has this same 'do only hers is straight as a board, like her Mama. This seems like just yesterday...Monkey was only 1 and Little Man wasn't even a twinkle in his Daddy's eye. My, how things can change in 3 short years!

I can't wait to see your pics!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Did I Never Do This???

Where is my brain? On FaceBook, I guess. I really thought I had done this already! Here are some pics from our Christmas(es). Blogger uploaded them backwards so I tried to describe them.

With DH's family on Christmas Day after our Chinese food lunch. One of my favorite traditions.
Look what Santa brought!

He came! This is the first year that Santa brought something big for all three kids. It didn't fit under the tree well and we couldn't get a good picture either.

Spreading reindeer food...we do this every year before bed on Christmas Eve.

My three watching our aunt's new kittens.

At my aunt's...I didn't realize it was so obvious I was sick! I thought I was looking pretty good until I saw these pictures!

Sneaking a pic in front of church on Christmas Eve. Little Man was with my mom so I could pay attention in church.

The Princess (in red) singing in the Children's Choir at our Christmas Eve Mass.

Nothing New Under Our Sun

I haven't been posting at all because there has been nothing new to post about. We have spent the time since Christmas just enjoying simple time together and trying to get reorganized.

DH and I have decided to take on some simple projects around the house to make it more livable for us. We have really outgrown this place! When we bought our house, 10 years ago, we had no children and loved to entertain and do house projects. Now, we have 3 children and would rather have no maintenance to do and we never entertain anyone over the age of 7! My how things change! We also never thought we would be here more than 5 years. We bought all of our furniture with the thought of moving into a larger house and many things just aren't working for us. We did a pretty extensive search for a new house and fell in love with one completely out of our price range. Now, no other house seems to compare. So, we have decided to stay in our house and ride out this crazy market while saving money to make that dream house more affordable. I will be very busy in '09 reworking our current house while making sure not to invest more than we would get out of it should we sell and making sure to save money toward that dream house. That is a tall order. If we can do it, though it will be so worth it.

We do have a big change coming tomorrow. For the first time ever, I will be putting my kids in Mother's Day Out, and getting some time to myself! I am so excited! I will let you know how it goes!